Planning a trip abroad takes a lot of work. When you choose Pure Paris, you’ll receive a highly personalized daily itinerary based on your interests and expectations for your trip. To help you better understand the itineraries we create at Pure Paris, we’ve included some frequently asked questions below. Should you have any other questions before or after booking, please contact us and we’ll be happy to answer them.

How are you able to customize my itinerary?

Once you book with Pure Paris, we’ll send you a detailed questionnaire to learn more about you, how you like to travel, and what you’d like to do and see while you’re in the city. The questions have been designed to not only highlight your main interests, but to also help us guide you towards places and activities you might not have otherwise considered but we think you'd enjoy. As part of the process, we’ll be certain to take into account your personal preferences related to budget, dietary restrictions and desired activity level, among other things.

What types of activities are included in my personalized itinerary?

At Pure Paris, our itineraries focus mainly on three areas – food and drink, culture, and neighborhoods. From breakfast to bed time, your daily itinerary will provide you with a full day of activities based on the unique answers you provided in your initial questionnaire. Unless otherwise specified, all activities will be in or very near Paris.

What information is included in my personalized itinerary?

In addition to giving you recommended activities for each day, your itinerary will also include all the information you need to reach each activity from your hotel or apartment, including maps, transportation logistics and access points, costs and other entry details (when applicable), and suggestions for what to do, see or eat at each location.

How do you choose which restaurants and bars to recommend?

The team at Pure Paris has done a significant amount of research into the Paris restaurant and bar scene, and is extremely familiar with the city’s newest spots. Using the information you’ve provided in your questionnaire in combination with the work we’ve done, we’ll work hard to select the places we think you’re most likely to enjoy. Providing you with the best possible food and drink experience is one of our top priorities at Pure Paris, and we will never send you to any place that doesn’t live up to our standards.

Are you able to book tickets for me?

Unfortunately, we are not able to purchase tickets on your behalf, due to the way our business is currently set up. For any activities in your itinerary where advanced booking is recommended or required, we will provide you with the information you need to purchase the tickets yourself.

Will I be able to make the booking if I don’t speak French?

Paris is among the most popular cities in the world for tourists, and English is spoken extensively throughout the city. While you should be able to do nearly everything online, rest assured that if you do have to pick up the phone the person on the other end will speak English.   

I have a limited budget. Will you still be able to create a personalized itinerary for me?

Absolutely! So much of Paris’s beauty can be seen without spending any money at all. And despite what you may have heard, it’s easy to eat inexpensively if you know where to go.

What if there is something in my itinerary that I don’t want to do or would like to change?

If you see something in your itinerary that you’d like to change, we will always be happy to provide you with alternatives. 

Can’t I just create the same itinerary on my own?

While it is easier to plan a Paris itinerary that focuses on the city’s main tourist attractions, it can be difficult and time-consuming to find the places off the beaten path. Not only that, but sometimes what sounds good in theory ends up being disappointing in person. With a personalized itinerary from Pure Paris, you’ll be benefiting from the knowledge of our team and will be saving yourself hours of research in the process.  

Could I see a sample itinerary before I decide?

Absolutely! Feel free to contact us to request a sample.